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Solange Silva de Lima

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Sexual Problems

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Many times what we need is just someone to listen to us without judging, even if they can't solve the problem, but just by the fact of letting it out already relieves a lot, leaves the mind and soul lighter. For countless times needing just someone to listen to me and not having one, I learned to be a listener, and with that always trying to relieve the pain of the other, even if it is a little. Just like you, I also had several family problems, with the external world, and many more internal ones. But my pains are not the same as anyone else's, each being is unique, and has to be treated with attention and affection. And helping your neighbor is something good not only for those who are helped, but also to help yourself, it is a mutual exchange. Everyone needs someone who listens without judging. I am here to listen to you, and try my best to give you calm, comfort, a shoulder to cry on, if possible. Feel free! Let's talk?

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